What Is NAD+ and How Is It Related To Aging?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) serves as an essential cofactor found in every living cell. NAD+ contains the compounds necessary for the activity of enzymes involved in fundamental biological processes. NAD+ is critical in maintaining the health of our cells, tissues, and bodies. 

There is a gradual decline in cellular NAD+ levels as we age. This is linked to numerous age-associated changes and diseases including cancer, metabolic disease, cognitive decline, frailty, and sarcopenia. Many of these diseases can be reversed or even slowed down by restoring NAD+ levels.

During aging, NAD+ levels decline and many enzymes associated with NAD+ degradation are altered. A lot of the cellular processes involved with aging are changed and start to see a steady decline. (Amjad et al., 2021 | Mol Metab.) The age-dependent decline in NAD+ levels contributes to many hallmarks of aging. This includes DNA damage, epigenetic alteration, deregulated nutrient-sensing, loss of proteostasis, altered cellular communication, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, mitochondrial dysfunction, compromised autophagy, and possibly telomere attrition.

How can NAD+ levels be restored? 

Some potential strategies that boost NAD+ levels include lifestyle changes, such as increasing exercise, reducing caloric intake, healthy sleeping habits, and a healthy diet. AgeRejuvenation offers NAD+ peptide therapy. NAD+ boosters are typically administered by injectables, strength, and duration may vary between each patient., In studies, NAD+ boosters prevent or treat a variety of different diseases, prompting a search for NAD+ boosters that are safe and effective as drugs for both rare and common diseases, and potentially aging itself.

Slow Down the Aging Process with AgeRejuvenation

AgeRejuvenation is your comprehensive clinic for regenerative medicine and anti-aging treatments. As we age, our bodies go through a series of natural processes that can lead to thyroid issues. These imbalances can lead to a series of issues such as weight gain, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, and even hair loss. Our anti-aging clinic is set out to solve these issues at a foundational level. As a medical spa clinic, we aim to use advanced diagnostic testing that provides insights into the root cause of symptoms, instead of solely treating symptoms of aging alone, like other clinics. From there, your board-certified medical providers will work with you to establish a customized regimen that helps bring your body and hormone levels back into a balanced state, bringing along more energy and renewed confidence. At our med spa clinic, we have worked with and seen success in men and women of all different backgrounds and age ranges. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

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