Peptide vs Protein: How Peptide Therapy Can Tackle Coronavirus Proteins

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, top researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Northwestern University have been scrambling to find a cure for the deadly virus. Finally, their hard work seems to have paid off. 

Here’s what they have found: peptides can be used to infiltrate, tackle, and degrade coronavirus proteins, known as spike proteins. If engineered correctly, peptide therapy can conquer COVID-19.

So, how do peptides function? And what do researchers still need to work on to create this life-saving therapeutic drug? In this article, we will discuss:

  • Proven health benefits of peptides 
  • How peptides function in our bodies
  • Peptide vs protein synthesis
  • New nanostructured peptide coronavirus therapy

Let’s get started!

Health Benefits of Peptides

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids linked together by special peptide bonds. Continuous peptide chains form proteins that aid in metabolic activity, DNA replication, and other necessary body functions. 

Did you know? The health benefits of peptides like ipamorelin, lipolysis, bremelanotide, and glutathione have been used for decades to aid in hormone therapy, weight loss, sexual health, pain relief, and anti-aging treatments.

Since peptides are the building blocks of proteins, they offer a range of natural therapeutic procedures for our bodies. These treatments are referred to as peptide therapy

Here’s how peptides function in our bodies and improve our health:

  • Ipamorelin promotes memory retention, increases metabolism, and offers pain relief 
  • Lipolysis breaks down fat cells
  • Bremelanotide stimulates sex drive and energy 
  • Glutathione improves skin quality, stimulates hair growth, and improves energy 

So, how can peptides help cure COVID-19? 

Peptide vs Protein: What are Spike Proteins? 

Because of the many proven health benefits of peptides, researchers at MIT and Northwestern University examined a series of peptide molecules and were able to discover one that targets and battles coronavirus proteins. 

Here’s the good news: if engineered and administered correctly, this new peptide-based therapy can disable the coronavirus spike proteins and block it from entering our cells. 

Confused? Let us explain… 

Coronavirus spike proteins are the crown-like spurs that project out of the coronavirus. These spike proteins allow the deadly virus to latch onto and infect healthy human cells. 

So, how do peptides block the coronavirus protein projections from entering our cells? It’s simpler than you think!

Peptide Therapy Can Degrade Coronavirus Proteins

Since peptides are extremely small amino acids, millions of them can be packed into nanostructures and delivered to the human body. Once inside the patient, the peptides will naturally bind to coronavirus proteins, find their way inside the cellular pathway, and break down the virus from the inside-out. 

There’s only one problem… peptides are extremely difficult to administer to the human body because our internal enzymes quickly degrade them. 

Thankfully, researchers at Northwestern’s Simpson Querrey Institute (SQI) have already created complete peptide structures that protect them from destructive internal enzymes. Now, scientists are working hard to design a similar drug that will protect the peptide nanostructures as they enter the body and target the coronavirus. 

Hopefully, we will see a peptide therapy coronavirus cure soon! In the meantime, we can indulge in the many other benefits peptide therapy has to offer us. 

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