According to the American Heart Association, losing weight can lead to a higher quality-of-life.  Whether you have an underlying health condition like hypothyroidism, age-related hormone imbalances, or other weight inducing problems, ageRejuvenation can provide you with a personalized solution to jump start your weight loss journey.

From professional body composition consultations to FDA-approved treatments, our medical weight loss programs are built around your body with your personal goals and needs in mind. All patients are provided with their own support team, which includes a medical practitioner, patient care coordinator, and nutritionist.

With ageRejuvenation, you can achieve your health goals and create a vibrant, more fulfilling lifestyle.


The goal of our medical weight loss program is to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. In order to give your body the lasting results it deserves, our programs provide you with the tools and resources you need to change deep-rooted lifestyle patterns that may be inhibiting long-term weight loss.

While traditional dieting may promote unhealthy fads that provide faulty, short-term results, our medical weight loss program will design a custom nutrition plan that is personalized to YOUR body and will help you keep the weight off in the months and years to come.


Furthermore, our team of medical professionals acknowledges that the root cause of the weight gain can be multi-faceted. In fact, hormone imbalances and other health issues may cause weight issues. That is why we take a holistic approach to achieve long-term results.

To do this, our specialists, in-house weight loss doctors and nutritionists offer exercise regimens, healthy dietary suggestions, recipes, vitamin injections, hormone replacement treatments (if applicable), and much more.


Medical weight loss is a weight management program that allows a medical professional to evaluate and target the main cause of weight gain in a particular patient.

A medical weight loss specialist will assess:
  • What causes a patient to experience weight gain
  • Why they struggle to reduce their weight
  • How they can safely and effectively lose weight

Once the underlying problem is uncovered, the specialist will work with a nutritionist to create an exercise regimen and nutritious diet plan, as well as recommend any additional supplementation to help the patient lose weight without the use of surgery. The goal of medical weight loss is to help the patient achieve and maintain a long-term healthy body.


First, medical weight loss is non-surgical and helps you take control of your weight-related health concerns. Better yet, health professionals are there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you are never alone in your weight loss journey. They provide scientifically-based health and exercise recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Finally, for the duration of your program and in the future to come, you will begin to experience the other notable benefits that go hand in hand with weight loss, including but not limited to, mental clarity, physical aptitude, and lifestyle enhancement.


Medical weight loss markers for physical health include a better Body Mass Index (BMI) score, healthier bones and joints, and even an improved metabolism. Depending on the patient and their individualized program, you can also expect  to see newly balanced hormones and improved micronutrient levels, both of which contribute to a more positive overall health status of the body.


Patients typically feel a significant increase in energy, drive, and libido once their medical weight loss journey is complete. Furthermore, if hormone balance is involved, weight loss benefits for mental health can also include better cognition and memory.


Our weight loss programs at ageRejuvenation are designed to encourage patients to make positive lifestyle changes for the duration of, and upon the conclusion of, their journey with us. This includes instilling better daily dietary patterns, exploring new exercise routines, and focusing on maintaining optimal health in both the near and far future.


Simply put, our metabolism converts food into energy. It also helps our bodies burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. However, in many cases, our metabolism may slow down as we age and fat will become harder to burn.

Medical weight loss scientifically targets the cause of the metabolic slow-down and allows our medical professionals to create a plan to help you overcome stubborn fat. Whether a hormonal imbalance is at the root of the problem or another hidden medical issue such as hypothyroidism is to blame, medical weigh loss will uncover it.

Even if there are no underlying medical issues involved, our weight loss programs promote accountability and challenge the patient to recognize and overcome any obstacles standing in their way of a better quality of life.


Medical weight loss helps you lose weight without the use of surgery. Along with exercise and nutrition, these programs may include appetite suppressants, vitamin injections, HCG, and other bioidentical hormone therapy.


Our bodies are made up of vital nutrients, such as proteins, fats, and minerals. A body composition test breaks down these components, puts them into their designated categories, analyzes their ratios in our body, and examines whether or not we have too much of one group in comparison to another.

For instance, a body composition test might look at our overall percentage of fat compared to our body height and weight. This examination will tell us if and by how much we need to improve our body mass score. When it comes to medical weight loss, the body composition test is the first crucial step to understanding how weight affects our physical wellbeing and exactly how much weight we might need to lose.

2. HCG

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone in both men and women; however, high levels of this hormone are most commonly found in pregnant women.

For medical weight loss, many patients opt to use this hormone as an aid to achieve their weight loss goals. Here’s how.

HCG allows the body to consume 800-1,000+ calories a day from fat reserves, allowing for a weight loss of .5 lb to 1 lb a day. Since you consume so many calories from your internal fat stores, patients only need to eat very lean proteins, low glycemic fruits, and vegetables.

Men can lose 25-40 lbs in 6 weeks and women can lose 15-25 lbs. Patients follow a 6-week transition diet after the HCG treatment to ensure the weight loss is maintained and both a balanced diet and metabolism are properly restored.


Prescription, FDA-approved appetite suppressants are another safe and effective tool used for medical weight loss. If you struggle to maintain a healthy weight because bad cravings and the temptation of snacking kicks in, then appetite suppressants may be an option for you. This medical tool is used to:

  • Modify eating habits
  • Control food cravings
  • Regulate portion sizes

This treatment ensures that your body receives the right nutrition for proper weight loss.


Vitamins are essential elements that our bodies need to build a strong immune system, reduce inflammation, boost our metabolism, increase our energy, and create a better foundation from the inside-out. Typically, we can get most of our key vitamins from a balanced daily diet.

However, dietary and/or absorption issues may prevent us from reaching optimal nutrient levels. In cases like these, FDA-approved vitamins for weight loss provide our bodies with an enriching boost of these crucial minerals that can help to stimulate healthy weight loss.


Anyone who wants to accomplish their weight loss goals and learn how to keep the weight off is a great candidate for medical weight loss. If you are looking for:

1. Serious change in your quality of life

2. A more comprehensive approach to weight loss

3. A professional to get to the real root of your problem

… then you are a perfect fit for medical weight loss program.


Our individualized approach allows us to get to the root of your weight loss problem and help you achieve your health goals. We keep you on track through:


Every week, your specialist will monitor your weight loss progress and make tweaks in your program if necessary. We can also do weigh-ins remotely with our Bluetooth enabled scales. Our scales connect to a smartphone app or web page, which will provide you with a place to track your caloric intake, explore new recipes/workouts, and connect with your nutrition team when needed.


With the support of an in-house nutritionist, you will be given a program guide filled with healthy, diet-specific recipes and useful tips to help you choose the fuel you need. This nutrition guide is not one-size-fits-all: it is tailored to your specific lifestyle, hormones, and food allergies (when applicable).


Your patient care team will create and coach you through a tailored exercise program. If you experience any discomfort during the process, such as knee or back pain, we will set up an exercise regimen that works with your body’s individual needs to help you reach success.


If you would like to experience the benefits of medical weight loss for yourself, then you have come to the right place. At ageRejuvenation, we offer hand-tailored medical weight loss programs and expertise from professional weight loss doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, medical practitioners, and even your very own patient care team.

We treat every patient as an individual with unique needs and concerns and use our program(s) to address their objectives. Through a combination of nutrition, exercise, vitamin injections, and prescribed medication you are able to achieve your weight loss goals and implement long-term lifestyle changes for maintainable results.

Since each program is tailored to the individual, your medical weight loss journey may be slightly different from that of other patients. However, in general, you can expect the following process:


All patients have an initial consultation with one of our medical weight loss doctors. This will help our team understand your health goals and why you want to lose weight.


If you are ready to move forward with the program, a medical assistant will conduct a health profile. This includes blood work, an EKG, and an examination of your current physical health.


Next, the specialist will set up a custom medical weight loss schedule for you to follow. This includes receiving the Medical Weight Loss Starter Box above, a tailored nutrition plan, exercise regimen, healthy lifestyle advice, and so much more! Since all of our medical weight loss programs are created with YOU in mind, we ensure your tailored program is safe and effective for your body’s individual needs.


Throughout the entire program, your patient care team will monitor your heart health, liver and kidney function, and overall well-being. This allows our specialists and nutritionists to make any changes to your program to ensure you successfully accomplish your goals.


Weigh-ins and phone calls will help you stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals. If weight loss aids, such as vitamin injections or HCG, are included in your program, you will meet with your specialist to receive these supplements.


Once you have completed your weight loss journey, we will give you the tools you need to maintain your healthy weight and new lifestyle. This includes follow-up appointments and additional supplementation tune-ups, if necessary.

The ageRejuvenation Difference

ageRejuvenation was founded with one mission in mind: to empower patients to reach peak performance and achieve a better quality of life. To accomplish this goal, all of our nationwide clinics offer a team of certified health care professionals and skilled patient care teams. We use safe, effective, and scientifically-backed methods to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Our programs address the individual health goals of each and every patient. No matter what you want to accomplish with your body, our team is here to help maximize your health and wellness potential every step of the way.

Medical Weight Loss FAQ

No matter your age, lifestyle, or gender, if you struggle to lose weight or notice the daily negative impacts of obesity, then medical weight loss may be right for you. Talk to an ageRejuvenation medical professional to discuss the benefits of our medical weight loss programs.

Oftentimes, other diet programs reduce your food intake or eliminate food groups entirely. For the short term, you may see rapid weight loss results. However, these diets are NOT sustainable for long term weight loss.

Unlike traditional diets, our medical weight loss program gives you the tools you need to keep the weight off for good. Since weight loss is never a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we work with YOUR body’s needs. After a full body composition exam, our ageRejuvenation nutritionists will offer you a meal plan that shows you how to buy and cook the right foods. Rather than forcing you to live on a restrictive, flavorless diet, our goal is to show you how to eat your favorite foods in moderation and with the right supplementation.

We also provide an individualized Diet Book that allows you to mix and match the best proteins, fruits, and vegetables for weight loss. Finally, what truly sets medical weight loss apart from other diets is our medical professionals create weight loss solutions that fit your lifestyle, work-life, and home needs.

Prescription appetite suppressants are a medical tool used to modify eating habits, control cravings, and regulate portion sizes. This treatment ensures that your body receives the proper nutrition it needs for proper weight loss.

Our appetite suppressant nutrition plan is based on portion sizes instead of calorie counting, which focuses on the consumption of sufficient protein, low-glycemic index fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. This treatment allows participants to lose approximately 2-3 lbs per week. Patients will meet with the practitioner monthly for a follow-up visit, consult with a nutritionist, and refill of medication as needed.

At ageRejuvenation, all of our patients are supervised by a doctor and nutritionist from start to finish. In the very beginning, one of our doctors will conduct a full metabolic analysis of your body and look at the entirety of your current health state.

Unlike ordinary doctors, we look past simple organ function. In fact, we also check your body’s vitamins, reproductive hormones, thyroid, cortisol, blood, etc. Once we know how to treat your body comprehensively,  we create a meal plan and nutrition plan just for you. After that, a nutritionist will contact you every week to see how you are progressing on your medical weight loss journey.

Results vary between each person and depend on the type of program your ageRejuvenation specialist recommends. Your medical weight loss team will provide you with a comprehensive weight loss plan with accomplishable weekly goals.

Many patients start to see results after their first week of treatment, while more drastic results occur within the first few months.

At ageRejuvenation, we take the health and care of both our patients and staff very seriously. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we created an app that allows our doctors to access a Bluetooth scale that attaches to the nutritionist’s computer. By doing this, we can monitor you while you complete your medical weight loss journey at home.

Along with the Bluetooth scale, your nutritionist will call your phone for weekly check-ins. We will also send daily recipes and exercises specific to the patient via the app.

Insurance does not cover weight loss programs because they are considered to be cosmetic. However, insurance may cover lab work and some health savings and health flex programs can be used as a medical account.

Since each medical weight loss program is customized to the patient, prices may vary. Patients have the ability to choose between different types of medical weight loss packages and may choose to purchase an inclusive package. Pay as you go financing options are also available. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about pricing.

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You’re in good hands at ageRejuvenation.

In order to provide comprehensive solutions for our patients, our practitioners dig deeper into the body composition, hormone levels, and lifestyle of each individual in order to create a weight loss plan that will actually work for them. Our proven method has changed the lives of thousands of patients who have lost the weight and kept it off. Explore our wegovy injections, vitamins for weight loss, and appetite suppressants. Learn more today.

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The weight loss programs are so customizable to your needs it’s as if you are their only patient. I lost 50 lbs and 31 in and feel absolutely amazing.



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Every time I go to AgeRejuvenation, I always leave feeling so much more confident in myself & my health.

Since I have had had my hormones fixed by the pellet insertion I am happier, rested – I get a full nights sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat, my libido is back and my mood is great. I’m energized and my workouts seem to be getting results. The staff are always helpful, pleasant, professional and kind. I do not have to wait to be seen and everything is easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend this center – its one stop shopping for getting your body and hormones healthy and rebalanced.

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