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Shelly’s Success with Hormone Balance and Weight loss
Jody’s Success with Medical Weight Loss
Pedro’s Journey to Success in Sexual Wellness
Phil’s Weight Loss Success Story
New Technology in Sexual Wellness at ageRejuvenation
Patty’s Story: Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Patient Success Story: Living with Hashimoto’s
Low-T Treatment Patient Success Story
Success Treating Sexual Dysfunction
An incredible Weight Loss Journey
Karin’s Life Transformation with hormone Therapy
Krista Finds Success on Week 1
real patients, real results


I can’t believe the results of my low t treatment. The doctors were super helpful in working with me to reach my goals. I feel like a new person. Would definitely recommend.

ageRejuvenation Patient

My relationships and confidence are through the roof!

At 60, I’ve really gained back my confidence with HRT treatment, have improved my relationships and have so much more energy. I can’t recommend ageRejuvenation enough!


The weight loss programs are so customizable to your needs it’s as if you are their only patient. I lost 50 lbs and 31 in and feel absolutely amazing.


All my goals were met!

I have been a patient for one year. My experience was great and the staff was very knowledgeable about hormone replacement. All my goals and expectations were met! I would recommend AgeRejuvenation to others and have in the past.


He has been trying to lose weight for a long time and nothing was working. They found out why and set up a plan and it’s working. Thank you ageRejuvenation!

Natural thyroid medication cured my fatigue!

I’m down 20 pounds so I’m feeling good. I also met with the doctor and she switched me to a natural thyroid medication and it has already made a difference in my fatigue and energy levels.

Pellet therapy is the best thing I ever did – 100% recommend

I wish I knew about pellet therapy sooner. At 61, this treatment has greatly impacted my mood and energy. I feel like a whole new person.

My low testosterone symptoms are nowhere to be found

I can’t believe the results of my low t treatment. The doctors were super helpful in working with me to reach my goals. I feel like a new person. Would definitely recommend.

This program changed my whole life!

I can’t even remember how it was before I came to AgeRejuvenation. The staff gave me all the tools I needed to success and was highly knowledgable. I am completely a new person!

HRT was the best thing I ever did!

You feel better, have more energy. I was having hot flashes, night sweats, and no energy. But I have had the pellet hormone therapy and now everything has changed. Best thing I ever did! Thanks, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you!

I regained my confidence after 30 years!

My quality of life is so greatly improved. My natural levels are around 200. With the treatment, I got into the 800’s!”

No more night sweats or anxiety!

Their doctors are the absolute best! They always listen to me and let me know they care. With their help, my hormones are completely balanced which means no more night sweats or anxiety. Highly recommended!

Very professional staff & effective treatment.

Ever since starting peptides, I can tell a noticeable difference in my energy and stamina. The staff were super professional and helped guide me through the process since I wasn’t used to injections. Super easy and will be coming back for more.

Peptides have given me tons of energy.

Since starting on the peptide treatment, I’ve noticed my natural levels of energy increase. I feel amazing! Definitely recommend.

Can’t wait for my next visit!

All the staff are so wonderful taking care of all situations, this makes me happy! When the staff are happy and relaxed it makes the patients much calmer and happier.. Thank you for all the work you are putting into my health situation, and I already am seeing results! Whoopie for me and for you all by helping me be healthier.

Every time I go to AgeRejuvenation, I always leave feeling so much more confident in myself & my health.

Since I have had had my hormones fixed by the pellet insertion I am happier, rested – I get a full nights sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat, my libido is back and my mood is great. I’m energized and my workouts seem to be getting results. The staff are always helpful, pleasant, professional and kind. I do not have to wait to be seen and everything is easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend this center – its one stop shopping for getting your body and hormones healthy and rebalanced.

The care and attention I received were exceptional.

The pellet implant procedure was not at all painful and I already feel the difference in my energy level and my overall sense of well-being. I’m delighted with my experience and results.

Treated promptly and respectfully

I think the staff really cares about my treatments and continued progress toward my goal of being a more healthy, vibrant senior.

Awesome service, very professional and pLeasant. I really love this location.

The staff are absolutely awesome..always on point and no long waiting period. They always knows exactly what one needs and how to accommodate and make you feel very special…

Vitamin injections help me feel like myself again!

Love this place! Everyone is always pleasant and knowledgeable of the services they offer. The HRT is great- especially the vitamin injections- I feel like myself again- thanks so much AgeRejuvenation!!

I feel like a new woman with this new hair!

After just 7 treatments, I don’t even recognize my hair anymore. At 65, I haven’t seen it this full since my late 30’s. This stuff really works!

The results after only 3 treatments were amazing!

I didn’t like how thin my hair was getting with age, so I sought help. After only 3 treatments, I couldn’t even recognize my hair. It was so full and shiny! I am very pleased with the results.

The hair restoration treatment worked miracles!

I couldn’t believe the results after just 6 treatments. The doctors helped me understand the root cause of my hair loss in order to change my lifestyle and maintain the new hair growth. I am so pleased with the results.

I can’t believe the hair growth!

I had pretty much given up on my hair for years. I tried everything over the counter. I couldn’t believe that after only 2 months, I had regained most of my hair. It was like going back in time.

Great clinic for thyroid treatment!

Great place for optimal health as well as an awesome staff!! I love going here for my thyroid and hormonal health.