Like millions of men around the world, you might have noticed the unwelcome signs of hair loss and balding. Genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, and other underlying medical issues can cause your follicles to thin and fall out.

Thankfully, our board-certified ageRejuvenation practitioners are here to help address any hormonal imbalances or insufficiencies that may attribute to your hair loss. Once we discover which hormones are lacking, we can reintroduce them to your body to slow and even reverse your hair loss.

Our ageRejuvenation clinics also offer other hair loss treatments for men that will stimulate and rejuvenate their follicles. Grow fuller, thicker hair and feel confident with your healthy locks.

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With around 100,000 hair follicles on our head, it is normal to lose about 100 hairs per day. However, if you notice excessive hair loss or thinning of hair, then you may be experiencing symptoms of male hair loss. This process can gradually turn into male pattern baldness. Early signs of balding include:

  • Receding hairline
  • Thinner hair
  • Lack of volume
  • Bald spots

You may also notice it takes longer to grow back healthy hair. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, you are not alone. In fact, studies show that upwards of 80% of men experience hair loss in their lifetime.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to live with a receding hairline or bald spots forever. Today, there are proven solutions to halt and often reverse hair loss in men that don’t involve surgeries or complicated procedures. Keep reading to learn what causes hair loss and how we’ve found hair loss treatments for men.


Simply put, hair is a type of filament made of a natural protein called keratin. Anchored by tiny follicles in your skin, your hair is actually maintained by a host of hormones, blood vessels, and living cells. When it comes to hair growth and hair loss, it is important to understand how the hair growth cycle works so you can maintain thicker, healthier-looking hair from the inside out. Here are the 4 natural growth phases of hair.


Our hair grows and falls out in a 4-phase cycle. Throughout the cycle, the hairs on your head are in various stages of growth and shedding. Let’s start with the first stage, the growing phase.



The anagen, or growing, phase usually lasts 2-7 years, and the length of this phase determines the length of our hair.



This is the transitional phase that lasts about 10-days. During this stage, the hair follicle decreases in size and detaches from the dermal papilla.



This is the telogen, or resting, phase, which generally lasts around 3 months. Around 10-15% of the hair on your head is in this phase at any given time. While the old hair is resting, the new hair begins the growth phase.



Your head is made up of about 100,000 hair follicles. Around 80-90% of hair is in the anagen, or growth phase of the hair growth cycle at any one time.

Now that you know what hair growth for men looks like, it’s time to discuss what causes hair loss in men.


From hereditary reasons to diet and lifestyle, there are many causes of hair loss in men. Here are some of the most common hair loss causes:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Excessive Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Smoking
  • Hair Treatments

First, we’ll explain the science behind genetics and forms of hereditary male hair loss like male pattern baldness. Then, we’ll talk about the correlation between hormonal imbalances and male hair loss. Let’s get started.


As you know, male hair loss is often associated with a genetic predisposition. The best way to tell if you are experiencing hereditary hair loss is to observe your father’s or grandfather’s hair. If they underwent changes in hair thickness and quality similar to your own, then it is most likely a genetic issue.

Usually, the first sign of male pattern baldness is the formation of a receding hairline. Just like male pattern baldness, a receding hairline is a hereditary trait. Since a receding hairline is one of the first signs of balding, it is important to get to the root of the problem before all the hair falls out for good.


The receding process usually begins when a man enters his 30s. However, many young adults may notice their hair diminishing by the age of 21. As men with this condition age, hair loss symptoms tend to become worse.

Typically, the hair will thin and fall out near the temples and work its way back. However, some men experience crowning, where the hair thins at the top of the head and creates a bald spot with a halo of gradually thinning hair around it. So, what a causes receding hairline?

The reason your hairline begins to recede is due to the imbalance of certain male hormones that cause your hair follicles to become sensitive, thin, and fall out.


According to several scientific studies, male pattern baldness and receding hairlines correlate with levels of male sex hormones called androgens. One of the most well-known androgens is testosterone.

When levels of androgens like testosterone increase, they can negatively affect the hair follicle and cause its growth phases to shorten. This, in turn, leads to shorter strands of hair that have less strength and volume.

Along with imbalanced hormones, several medical issues such as Lyme disease and hypothyroidism can decrease the fullness of your hair. Many other medical concerns, such as adrenal fatigue, go hand-in-hand with hormonal imbalances, which can link to hair loss.


Whether you have a hormone imbalance, an underlying medical issue, or a genetic predisposition to hair loss, our Florida ageRejuvenation clinics offer several proven solutions to halt and even reverse hair loss in men.

Some of our natural and effective treatments include:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Healthy lifestyle guidance

Ready to grow back thicker and fuller hair? See how ageRejuvenation provides the best options for hair growth for men.

At ageRejuvenation, we believe the most effective solution to male hair loss is to create a custom plan that works with your specific blood work results and body type. Once we create a personalized hair restoration plan just for you, our practitioners will give you the proper knowledge on how to maintain a healthy head of hair. It’s that easy! The best part is that none of our treatments involve surgery or complicated procedures. Ready to grow back your hair and regain your confidence?



With our comprehensive blood work panels, we are able to assess your hormones, thyroid, nutrient levels, cortisol, and more. By understanding your body’s specific chemistry, we can better understand the cause of your hair loss and how to optimize your results.



Depending on your lab results, treatment will be recommended to solve the source of your hair loss through hormone therapy, supplementation, or lifestyle changes.



Our clinics offer Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, as a natural and safe way to bring blood flow and nutrients back to the hair. This improves the growth and rest phases of the hair cycle while decreasing the number of follicles that are in the shedding phase at the same time.



For optimal results, stem cells can be combined with PRP and get injected into the scalp. Stem cells capacity for regeneration is far greater than just PRP alone. For older patients and more advanced cases of hair loss, it is highly recommended to utilize stem cells with PRP.



Our medical practitioners will prescribe a proprietary, compounded hair formula to be used concurrently with your treatment. The compounded hair formula is applied typically in the morning and evening, daily, to assist with ongoing hair restoration in men.


Oftentimes, hair loss in men can be caused by an imbalance of testosterone and other hormone levels that decrease naturally over time.

At ageRejuvenation, we offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), a treatment that is utilized by our board-certified practitioners to address any hormonal imbalances or insufficiencies that are attributed to hair loss. Ultimately, HRT gives your body what it needs to stop hair loss and even reverse its effects.

With HRT, we are able to rebalance your hormone levels to combat baldness and male hair loss right in the comfort of our clinics.


PRP is a revolutionary process that uses naturally occurring growth factors in our blood to rejuvenate any area in our body.

PRP therapy for hair revives the cells that comprise the hair follicle to begin producing new hairs again. This makes far more sense than hair transplants, which take healthy hair follicles from another area of your scalp in the hopes of achieving thicker hair in the sparse or bare area.

Instead, we are able to treat the hair in a way that is far less invasive and painful, with no concern for side effects since platelets naturally occur in our bodies. The healthy, full head of hair that grows after PRP therapy is your own hair because the treatment uses the growth factors that our own body already has to restore its growth.


As you may know, there are several proclaimed solutions for hair restoration in men on the market today. These trendy “treatments” include hair plugs, grafting, transplants, topical treatments, and various supplements that claim to repair hair from the outside. However, with less than 50% proven success, these solutions often offer minimal results.

Meanwhile, ageRejuvenation uses science and medically proven male hair restoration techniques to back up our treatments. Furthermore, our clinics offer expert advice and create custom hair solutions that fit your body’s individual needs!

Not only are our treatments completely natural and safe, but our team of medical professionals will follow up with your hair growth progress and ensure you maintain your new hair properly. Contact an ageRejuvenation clinic near you to schedule a free hair restoration consultation today.

Male Hair Restoration FAQ

Anyone who has experienced the following:

• Thinning of hair from aging

• Early-stage male pattern baldness

• Those wishing to strengthen transplanted hair

• Patients with a resolved or treated medical condition that causes hair loss

This treatment is not recommended for patients who have been bald for 5+ years or anyone with unresolved medical issues causing hair loss (such as uncontrolled Lyme disease).

As in any type of medical condition every patient will respond differently. Most results are quite significant and there is a vast improvement in the appearance, thickness, and quality of the hair. As always, some patients get better results than others, but barring significant medical issues (which will be ruled out beforehand) everyone will gain quite a visible improvement. ageRejuvenation Hair Restoration Exosomes Stem Cell Therapy & PRP patients will notice the following within 3-4 months.

The frequency of hair restoration treatment varies based on our patient’s goals and is customized to their specific treatment plan.  It can be done up to once per month or as little as once every 3-6 months.

Insurance does not cover hair restoration treatment as it is considered a cosmetic treatment. However, we do offer a range of financing options for hair loss treatments for men.


You’re in Good Hands at ageRejuvenation

Our doctors know that with age, men begin to lose more than just their hair. Testosterone levels drop, along with libido, energy, and muscle mass. That’s why we offer hormone replacement therapy for men, address erectile dysfunction treatments, provide testosterone replacement therapy and find solutions for thyroid problems in men.

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