Dr. Dawn Ericsson, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. E’s Health Update: Do you need a facelift? Maybe not.

Non-surgical treatment with PDO threads can help you look your best – without going under the knife.

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We all know that when you look good, you feel better. But we also know that the mirror we peer into each morning does not lie. As men age, our skin changes, becoming less taut, pouching and sagging in various places. But there are ways to fix this problem without surgery.

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are a type of absorbable suture materials that has gained popularity in cosmetic procedures, thanks to their ability to lift and tighten the skin. While these procedures have been more commonly associated with women, PDO threads are becoming increasingly popular for aesthetic purposes among men. Some of the applications of PDO threads for men include:

Facial Rejuvenation:
PDO threads can help improve facial sagging and skin laxity, providing a non-surgical option for men looking to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.
Jawline Definition:
PDO threads can be strategically placed along the jawline to enhance definition and contour, resulting in a more sculpted and masculine jawline appearance.
Cheek and Mid-Facial Lift:
PDO threads can lift the cheeks and mid-facial area, addressing issues such as volume loss and sagging, and creating a more youthful and refreshed look.
Neck Tightening:
PDO threads can be used to tighten and lift the skin in the neck area, reducing the appearance of a "turkey neck" and promoting a more defined and youthful neck contour.
Non-Surgical Brow Lift:
By placing PDO threads in the brow area, it is possible to achieve a subtle lift, helping to open up the eyes and create a more refreshed and alert appearance.

Before considering any cosmetic procedure, including PDO thread treatments, it is important for men to consult with a qualified and experienced healthcare provider like AgeRejuvenation. A thorough consultation with us can help determine the most suitable treatment plan based on individual aesthetic goals, facial anatomy, and overall health. We can provide comprehensive information about the procedure, its potential benefits, and any associated risks, helping you make informed decisions about your cosmetic treatment options

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