Dr. Dawn Ericsson, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. E’s Health Update: Platelets, plasma and sexual performance

Explore how platelet-rich plasma – in the form of a “P-shot” – can help alleviate erectile dysfunction and enhance male sexual performance.

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Men of any age want their performance in the bedroom to be satisfying, both to themselves and their partners. But a variety of conditions can interrupt the pleasure, including the effects of aging or erectile dysfunction. A relatively new treatment called a P-shot is showing promise as a way to combat the falloff in sexual performance. 

A P-shot is a medical treatment that involves injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the penis. The procedure it said to have various potential benefits for men, especially those who suffer from certain sexual dysfunctions. Some claimed benefits of the P-shot include:

Enhanced sexual performance: Some men report improved sexual stamina and performance after undergoing the P-shot procedure.
Increased penis size: Some proponents claim that the P-shot can lead to a modest increase in penis size, both in length and girth, although the scientific evidence supporting this claim is limited and controversial.
Improved erectile function: The P-shot is suggested to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) by promoting blood flow and the growth of new tissue in the penis.
Enhanced sensitivity: Some men report increased sensitivity and more pleasurable sexual experiences after the P-shot.
Potential treatment for Peyronie's disease: The P-shot has been proposed as a treatment option for Peyronie's disease, a condition characterized by the development of scar tissue inside the penis, which can cause painful erections and a curved penis.

As with any medical treatment, it is essential that you consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your health, medical history and specific goals before engaging in P-shot therapy. The team at AgeRejuvenation is ready to help guide you through the process by developing a personalized treatment program, explaining the P-shot and its potential benefits and associated risks. If you are concerned about your sexual performance, it is well worth looking into this treatment. 

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