Souzana Dahdal, APRN
Medical Provider

About Souzana Dahdal, APRN, Medical Provider

Souzana Dahdal, APRN-BC is a Nurse Practitioner with a Masters in Nursing specialized in Adult Gerontology. Prior to providing care with Age Rejuvenation, Souzana focused her practice in functional medicine specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapies, Gut health, and Weight Loss Therapies. Souzana has experience as an RN in acute oncology and end of life care, which fueled her passion for promoting a longer and healthier lifespan and health span expectancy.

Throughout her life, Souzana has had a strong interest in optimizing nutrition, improving muscle and bone health, and incorporates her practice with its benefits to a person’s hormonal, mental, and physical health. She dedicates her career to providing patients with the tools and education needed to take control of their physical and spiritual health. It is her passion to help extend years to an aging population, preserve motor and cognitive function, as well as improving the quality of life of her patients—so that they may have more time with their loved ones, do more of what they love, and a maintain a sense of purpose in their lives.

Together with her practice areas in Hormone Replacement Therapies, Pellet Therapies, Thyroid Therapies, and wellness visits, Souzana seeks to specialize in Nutrition and Physical Training Consults to optimize quality of life, metabolic health, and physical strength. She also seeks to provide care and specialize in the areas of male hormones and health, breathwork, optimizing muscle mass, fitness and longevity. She further seeks to certify in obesity medicine. Souzana hopes to see you and looks forward to your journey of improving your overall health.