Matrix Amniosomes™ are amniotic fluid based extracellular vesicles which contain a high number of exosomes, growth factors, peptides, and cytokines that help promote growth and cellular support.

Amniotic fluid is used as the carrier because that is the natural environment that the Matrix Amniosomes™ exosomes thrive in. Exosomes are the messenger RNA of the stem cell, about 1/100th of the size of a stem cell, they are the active portion of the stem cell and are responsible for sending the message to damaged cells to begin regenerating.

The smaller size means recipients get a much higher concentration of stem cell messengers as well as the ability to get more of a systemic impact since they are not limited by size and can circulate through even the smallest capillaries.


Matrix Amniosomes™ have the power to transfer information and resources, essential to human development, from young efficient cells to the aging recipient. Four times more potent than other Amniosomes™ on the market, this incredible cell-to-cell communication and support initiates reprogramming of the patients’ cells to restore and improve the body’s ability to regenerate and repair.

Are MATRIX Amniosomes™ Right for Me? 

✔️Do you have COVID-19 or has your health been impacted by COVID-19? 

✔️Do you have persistent, non-healing injuries? 

✔️Do you have co-morbidities, such as diabetes or heart disease, that slow the body’s regenerative potential? 

✔️Are you scheduled for a surgical procedure? 

✔️Do you want to maximize your body’s healing potential?

✔️Do you want to turn back the clock in relationship to your body natural aging?

MATRIX Amniosomes™  Therapy and Hair Restoration

While it is a natural process, hair loss leads to changes in one’s appearance and a potential loss of confidence. For many, it causes them to change how they view themselves. While Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis can pull off the Mr. Clean look just fine, we’re not all so lucky!

Until recent times, we were left with only several treatment methods – none of them working very well. There were hair plugs – resulting in an unnatural look, scars and downtime.

Topical creams, such as Rogaine which acts as a mildly effective treatment. Or oral medications accompanied by some quite undesirable side effects. Ultimately: combating hair loss was a tough situation.

The American Hair Loss Association states that 2/3 of American men face some degree of hair loss by age 35. Additionally, by the time American men reach the age of 50, 85% of them experience noticeably thinning hair. Hair loss is not specific to only men, though. The AHLA states that 40% of hair loss patients are women. 

Finally, there is a cure and it’s available today –  Matrix Amniosomes™ are playing a major role in combating hair loss, working systemically to heal the body and locally to restore the hair follicle. Through this comprehensive approach we are seeing better health and restoration of our patient’s hairlines for thicker, softer hair and an overall younger appearance. 

MATRIX Amniosomes™ Therapy ImprovES Sexual Health & Erectile Dysfunction

As we get older, our body ages as well, affecting our performance in many aspects. This can be especially troubling when it comes to sexual performance. Decreased sensation, libido, and ability to perform affect both men and women alike. This can cause lack of confidence and connection in relationships as well as frustration felt by both partners.

For males, lackluster performance and erectile dysfunction can create potentially embarrassing situations. While there are some medications to combat ED, none of them work to improve performance.

These treatments simply act as a band-aid whose effectiveness decreases with time and can be accompanied by a number of unsavory side effects and medical contraindications. Some also say that they want the ability to perform on their own and that relying on medications can take the spontaneity out of their relationship.

Our performance is a result of our aging bodies, so by treating both systemically and locally with Matrix Amniosomes™ as an IV and direct treatment, our patients are seeing more improvement and better health. Recent studies are displaying that men who receive Matrix Amniosomes™ treatment see a marked improvement in their condition. Fortunately, these improvements are still present even a year or longer after the procedure – displaying long-term improvement.

Getting older is mandatory, feeling older is optional. At AgeRejuvenation we provide the solution that lasts, restoring your sexual performance and confidence. If you are looking to bring the passion back to your life, in and out of the bedroom, call us today!


Are you suffering from hair loss, weakened immune system, poor sexual health, or erectile dysfunction? AgeRejuvenation is here to help. Our NEW Matrix Amniosomes™ treatments provide effective, long-lasting results and life-changing remedies.

Our mission is to help each and every patient to achieve better health. Call us to make your appointment today and move one step closer to a newer you. Our offices are located throughout Tampa Bay, including clinics NOW in Wesley Chapel, South Tampa, Brandon, and Westchase. Don’t wait, let us help you reverse the signs of aging without extensive surgery today!

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As technology and science continues to advance AgeRejuvenation stays committed to seeking out the best products and treatments to bring to our patients. While we had good results with our previous stem cell exosomes containing 20 billion EV’s (extracellular vesicles) per 1 ML while the new stem cell company has documented paperwork showing 250 billion EV’s per 1 ML of their Matrix Amniosomes™   product.  That’s 12.5X greater EV cell count per 1 ML and is showing exponentially greater regeneration due to this much higher concentration. 

Amniotic fluid, AF, is the natural environment Matrix Amniosomes™  are from and thrive in. AF possess high levels of nutrients, electrolytes, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes, hormones, growth factors and hyaluronic acid. The high levels of hyaluronic acid and growth factors play an important role in fetal development and have been shown to stimulate stem cell production and differentiation, angiogenesis (revascularization), tissue regeneration (to include bone and tendon repair), improve nerve function, and are highly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory while also reducing scarring/adhesions in the body. 

Based upon the success we have seen; our new protocol mandates that all patients looking to have stem cell treatment for Hair Restoration, Sexual Health for Men, P-Shot, and Sexual Health for Women, O-Shot, also receive a Matrix Amniosomes™ IV. By treating the body systemically as well as locally for comprehensive regeneration and optimized results.

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