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Revolutionary aesthetic injectables that have the ability to restore your facial features back to their plump, youthful look.


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JUVÉDERM® is the #1 dermal filler collection in the world that offers 5 different products to meet your specific anti-aging and aesthetic needs. Add volume to plump lips, smooth lines, or lift and contour cheeks—no matter what you need, you can get the results you want.

Get long-lasting volumized cheeks, smoother lines, or plumper lips with the JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers.

Meet Revanesse® Versa

Like most fillers today, VERSA’s primary active ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a naturally occurring substance that can be used aesthetically to correct facial lines and folds, as well as restore facial volume. 

However, not all fillers are created equal. VERSA is a homogenous filler due to the company’s advanced wet milling technology and proprietary formula. What this means is that the filler particles are spherical and uniform, which creates the ideal balance between volume and smoothness.

These key differences in the way that VERSA is manufactured reduces the swelling seen in patients by up to 50%.

The Secret Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

The one commonality that all of our fillers share is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, gooey-looking sugar that is found naturally occurring in the body that holds and retains water well. When injected, this gives skin a youthful, hydrated complexion and helps to smooth out the skin and prevent fine lines.

Results of hyaluronic acid can be enhanced with SkinMedica’s HA5 Hydrator, which helps to retain hydration in the moisture barrier for 8 hours.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Find the Right Filler Treatment With AgeRejuvenation

No matter what aesthetic treatment option you opt for, AgeRejuvenation is here to help! Get evaluated with one of our aesthetic experts to find the perfect treatment for your skin based on its current needs.

Based on your skin’s analysis, our professionals can tailor and guide a protocol that will get your skin feeling young and firm. Schedule a free consultation or call us at 813-530-2739 to learn more today!

How It Works

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Every time I go to AgeRejuvenation, I always leave feeling so much more confident in myself & my health.

Since I have had had my hormones fixed by the pellet insertion I am happier, rested – I get a full nights sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat, my libido is back and my mood is great. I’m energized and my workouts seem to be getting results. The staff are always helpful, pleasant, professional and kind. I do not have to wait to be seen and everything is easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend this center – its one stop shopping for getting your body and hormones healthy and rebalanced.

The care and attention I received were exceptional.

The pellet implant procedure was not at all painful and I already feel the difference in my energy level and my overall sense of well-being. I’m delighted with my experience and results.

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